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Alternative Methods Of Resolving A Divorce

When a divorce heads to litigation, it can take months or years to finally resolve, and you may not get anything close to the outcome you were hoping for. Instead of turning your divorce into a lengthy and contentious battle, there may be other options of settling things that are better suited to your needs.

James H. Cooke Jr., Attorney At Law, is a North Carolina attorney with more than 40 years of family law experience. His reputation as a skilled and tenacious lawyer has resulted in families entrusting him with their futures, and even one person committing to his services for eight years.

Choosing Another Option

Instead of letting emotions flare in a litigious divorce, there are two common options that let you take control of your separation: mediation and collaboration. Collaborative divorces involve both spouses working together and negotiating for the final results of their divorce agreement. While both spouses should have their own attorney to help protect their best interests, both sides can work together and compromise to reach common goals.

When spouses pursue a divorce by mediation, they agree to bring in a neutral third-party mediator to oversee negotiations in the divorce. The role of the mediator is to ensure that neither side gets too heated or loses focus on the negotiations. This way, each side is more likely to reach an agreeable outcome, even if there may be tensions between them.

Settle Your Divorce On Your Terms

Taking your divorce to court means leaving your future at the mercy of whichever judge happens to oversee your case. Instead of taking so many risks with your future, consider pursuing divorce through mediation or collaboration. Call Mr. Cooke’s office in Fayetteville by calling 800-631-6578 or emailing him here. The sooner you reach out to his experience, the sooner you can get a divorce you can be satisfied with.