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Fayetteville Alimony Lawyer

Deciding who will receive alimony during and after a divorce can be one of the most contentious aspects of the separation process. It can result in heated disagreements between any couple, especially when one spouse was the primary income earner while the other stayed home to take care of children and the home.

Our family law practice is focused on resolving disputes over alimony as quickly as possible without sacrificing our clients’ long-term position. We know many people approaching divorce think only about what they will get “now” without considering their long-term financial health. Attorney James H. Cooke has spent three decades taking the big-picture approach that people starting a new chapter in their lives need and deserve.

Hoping To Receive Alimony? Expecting To Pay? We Will Advocate For Fair Terms.

North Carolina family courts have the ultimate say in the determination of any alimony award. They look at many different factors, including:

  • Age and physical health of the spouses
  • Length of the marriage
  • Relative earning power and financial health of each spouse
  • Contributions made by one spouse to the other’s career development
  • Contributions made by one spouse to child rearing and homemaking

To make sure that a court evaluates these and other factors in a way that is both fair and favorable to you, you first and foremost need a lawyer who can quickly gain a comprehensive picture of your and your spouse’s finances. Working with accountants and financial experts, we can propose fair settlements that the other side is likely to agree to, while also preparing to make our case before a judge when disagreement is inevitable.

Don’t Risk Your Future Financial Health. Speak With A Lawyer Today.

Whether you will pay it or receive it, alimony can affect your financial well-being for years to come. Arrange a confidential consultation with Fayetteville alimony attorney James H. Cooke to discuss your divorce: Email our firm or call 910-728-4606 (toll free 800-631-6578).