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Fayetteville Separation Agreement Lawyer

For some couples who have physically separated and intent to remain so, a separation agreement can be an essential document to settle important questions while waiting to pursue a formal divorce.

In North Carolina, obtaining a divorce requires a physical separation of at least one year with at least one party intending to remain separated.

An experienced lawyer can evaluate your circumstances to determine whether a separation agreement is necessary, and if so, what provisions it should contain. Family law attorney James H. Cooke has helped clients throughout Cumberland County protect important legal rights using separation agreements. If you have questions about your rights and obligations following a physical separation, our firm can help you, too.

We Tailor Separation Agreements To Meet Your — And Your Family’s — Needs

Many agreements address the same issues as court orders following a divorce. Spouses can agree on the terms of:

While neither spouse is required to sign a separation agreement following a physical separation, such an agreement can protect important rights for both individuals and provide certainty during a time of transition. Our job as legal counsel is to provide our clients with as much legal security and certainty as possible, and we negotiate separation agreements to help protect them as they move forward with their lives.

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If you and your spouse have recently separated, we encourage you to speak with Fayetteville separation agreement attorney James H. Cooke about how a separation agreement can help you protect your parental and financial interests. Email our firm or call 910-728-4606 (toll free 800-631-6578) to arrange a confidential consultation.