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Fayetteville Child Custody Lawyer

No one looks forward to any aspect of divorce in North Carolina. For couples with children, sorting out a child custody agreement may be the single greatest source of disagreement and fighting.

Doing what is best for your children and what is fair for you requires a lawyer with the ability to not only craft effective arguments in support of favorable custody arrangements, but also decide when to act aggressively and when to work cooperatively with the other side. Every family law case requires zealous representation, but child custody disputes also require sensitivity to children’s needs and our clients’ priorities. Attorney James H. Cooke has successfully navigated these thorny issues for more than 40 years and can put his experience and familiarity with the family court system to use for you.

Your Family Is Unique. You Deserve A Unique Legal Strategy.

Family courts in North Carolina take many factors into account when deciding who should have the authority to make legal decisions for a child (legal custody) and who a child should reside with (physical custody). They will frequently consider agreements made between parents, but will always do what they believe is in a child’s best interests.

Our firm understands that while child custody may be the most personal aspect of a divorce, there are other important issues to sort through. Child custody orders can affect other legal issues, specifically child support payments. Child custody is one area where we will work to find common ground between our clients and the other side in everyone’s best interests. However, when negotiations are unfruitful, our clients have the legal support of a veteran trial lawyer ready to advocate zealously in court.

Child custody orders are never set in stone. If your or your former spouse’s situation has changed or you have other reasons to worry about your child’s well-being, we can help you pursue a modification to an existing court order regarding child custody.

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