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Doing what is best for your children doesn’t have to mean sacrificing important financial rights during a divorce. It is possible to reach agreements on child support orders that meet North Carolina requirements while being fair to both custodial and noncustodial parents.

Ensuring that you are treated fairly in the court system, however, requires a family law attorney with experience applying the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines, negotiating with opposing counsel and advocating before judges. Attorney James H. Cooke has represented parents in Cumberland County for more than 40 years, working zealously to help our clients provide for their children while upholding their rights under the law.

Your Children Deserve To Be Provided For. You Deserve To Be Treated Fairly Under The Law.

In North Carolina, child support payments are determined by applying a statewide formula that takes into account parents’ combined gross income and the number of children they have.

Because the courts use a standard formula, having a full and accurate picture of both parents’ finances is absolutely essential. Our attorney works with financial experts to gain a full understanding of our clients’ financial position and ensure that we know about their spouses’ finances as well. This increases the likelihood that a court will apply the guidelines in a way that benefit children without unfairly affecting a client’s long-term financial health.

Like court orders for alimony, a court will reconsider a child support order under certain circumstances. This includes when applying the guidelines would result in at least a 15-percent difference in the amount of child support payments.

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