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Emergency Protective Orders

There are situations where people simply cannot afford to wait for the standard legal process to unfold. Whether they have been the victim of domestic violence or need financial support following a physical separation, it can be difficult to know how to make ends meet — or even worse, provide for the safety of yourself and your children.

Our family law firm represents people throughout Cumberland County who need assistance filing for temporary court orders for issues such as alimony, child custody and child support. We also represent people involved in instances of domestic violence in North Carolina. Our attorney, James H. Cooke, has spent more than 40 years aggressively helping defend our clients’ rights in family law court. If you are uncertain how to proceed in your divorce or separation, we can help you, too.

We can assist you in obtaining a temporary court order for:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support

In situations of alleged domestic violence, we can help you obtain a domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) ex parte, meaning without a court hearing. This can give you temporary protection before telling your story to a judge, who will decide whether to make a DVRO permanent. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your rights are protected as you go through the legal system.

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