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Divorce And Family Law

Our Advantage: Decades Of Experience Exclusively In Family Law

There are many advantages to having an experienced family law attorney represent you in North Carolina family court. Whether you are at the beginning of a divorce, disputing the terms of a spousal or child support order, or even need help with a stepparent adoption, having a lawyer who understands the system and how to present your case can make the difference between success and failure — and give you confidence throughout the process.

Our attorney, James H. Cooke, has spent three decades learning the complexities of family law, understanding how court procedures work and becoming familiar with how family court judges decide cases. Our clients from Cumberland County benefit from this experience, because he knows that each case our firm handles will require a different strategy. We know when to approach one dispute ready to compromise and when an aggressive court strategy is the only way to achieve a client’s goals.

When your parental and financial rights are left up to a judge, you deserve a personalized strategy from an experienced lawyer ready to forcefully argue your position. This is what attorney James H. Cooke does every day. Call 800-631-6578 to discuss your family law matter.

Practical Services To Meet Your Legal Needs

Separations and other family conflicts can touch on few or many legal issues. Because we handle family-related issues exclusively, we have experience resolving disputes that few firms in the Fayetteville can match.

We represent clients in cases involving:

Some cases can be successfully resolved with a straightforward approach. Others will require extensive litigation and aggressive courtroom advocacy. No matter how simple or complex your case is, attorney James H. Cooke will treat it with the respect, attention and commitment to results that it deserves.

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