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Fayetteville Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

Some of the most difficult and emotionally challenging family law disputes arise between the parents and grandparents of children. Grandparents sometimes have legitimate concerns about the well-being of their grandchildren, while in other cases parents must respond to accusations from grandparents simply because the grandparents seek more visitation time than they are given.

Anyone involved in these family disputes can benefit from the legal counsel of an experienced North Carolina lawyer. Our firm’s attorney, James H. Cooke, has learned over more than 40 years in practice how to diffuse difficult family situations while helping our clients achieve their legal goals. We have represented both parents and grandparents at the center of these disagreements, meaning our legal team understands this delicate area of the law from both sides. We use this experience to craft the most effective legal arguments and help our clients prevail in family court.

Understanding When Grandparents May Have A Legal Claim

The most important thing for grandparents to understand is that grandparents have no fundamental right to see their grandchildren. Parents who otherwise provide for their children and do not abuse or neglect them cannot be compelled to allow grandparents visitation of children.

At the same time, grandparents may be able to intervene if parents are genuinely unfit and incapable of raising their children. Grandparents may be able to file for custody of their grandchildren, or be granted special visitation rights to ensure their grandchildren’s well-being. The standard needed to demonstrate that parents are unfit is very high, meaning that experienced representation in these cases is critical. Whether you are seeking to protect your rights as a parent or establish your rights as a grandparent, we will be your dedicated legal ally throughout the legal process and help you do what is best for the children involved.

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